Lottery and Student Application Policy

Urban Prep Englewood and Urban Prep Bronzeville are under contract with CPS to use the GoCPS software and process for student recruitment and admission. Both schools engage in pre-admission activities aimed at informing prospective students who have applied via GoCPS about the school.

For its Downtown Campus, Urban Prep runs its own recruitment, application, lottery and enrollment process. Urban Prep has the necessary infrastructure to fully execute lottery and admission processes in full compliance with the law. The Director of Student Recruitment heads the team that manages this department for the Urban Prep Network of schools.

In the event that executing a lottery is necessary, Urban Prep will accept completed student applications until a predetermined date. If the number of students submitting applications exceeds the number of available spaces in the class, an admissions lottery will be held. This lottery will be open to the public and conducted by school administrators. Once the class is filled, the students who were not chosen in the lottery will be placed on a waitlist. If lottery winners decide not to enroll, those students on the waiting list will be admitted as space becomes available. If the number of applicants does not exceed the number of available spaces, a lottery will not be conducted, and all applicants will be admitted. Additional students will be admitted on a rolling admission basis until the class is filled. Depending on student attrition rates, a small number of spaces may be available for transfers. If this is the case, a waitlist will be created, and students will be admitted for transfer from that waitlist.

Urban Prep does not engage in any selective admission activity. Urban Prep does not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, gender identity, gender expression, disability or sexual orientation.

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