Hungry for More: “The Hunger Games” Misses the Mark on Teen Violence

I read young adult literature (sometimes called YA or KidLit) and see the movie versions of these books all the time, even though, according to the American Library Association, YA is for people ages twelve to eighteen — a demographic I haven’t been a part of for many years. I like YA stories — whether in film or literature- – because they feature characters who possess that indomitable spirit of optimism that hasn’t been tarnished by age. Their journeys may be fraught with the angst and loneliness that accompany adolescence, but the pain is a necessary price to pay. We hate that Harry Potter is orphaned, forced to live under a staircase, and bullied in school. But we know his trials and tribulations will be worth it in the end when he finds himself and vanquishes evil in the process.

The Hunger Games is definitely a different story.

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