Founder & CEO testifies on Capitol Hill about gang violence in our communities

Urban Prep Founder & CEO, Tim King, testified on Wednesday, July 25, 2012, before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism & Homeland Security about the gang violence plaguing our communities and impacting our young men.

In his remarks, King discussed the incessant gun-related incidents of violence seen in Chicago this year, and the supports needed to help thwart this crisis not just in Chicago, but on a national level.

“Chicago is in a profound state of crisis.  With every weekend comes another round of bloodshed.  Between June 22nd and 24th, four people were killed, including two boys aged 13 and 14, and 30 were wounded.  Between June 29th and July 1st, 17 people were wounded, including a 3 year old, and nine people were killed.  So far this year, more Americans have been murdered in the streets of Chicago than in service in Afghanistan. Chicago has seen four times as many murders since January as New York City.  And last week, as the country awoke to the intensely tragic news that a masked gunman had opened fire in a Colorado movie theater, I was learning that in Chicago, two teenagers had been killed and another wounded—a rising Urban Prep senior named DeMarcus Brown.”

For the full written testimony, click the link below.House Subcommittee Testimony.pdf

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