Fellows Program


The Urban Prep Fellows Program brings in exceptional recent college graduates to serve in a unique role as mentors, tutors, and advocates for the freshman students of Urban Prep Academies. The transition to high school can often be a challenge both academically and socially for young men entering Urban Prep and the Urban Prep Fellows program is in place to help our young men successfully navigate this transition.  Working with students both inside and outside of the classroom, Fellows build close relationships with their young men and provide them with opportunities to develop the academic, social and emotional skills necessary to find success at Urban Prep, and ultimately, in college.

How it Works

Our teachers and staff report that one of the most difficult aspects of their jobs is to understand the issues and challenges that face each of their students. UP Fellows close this crucial gap by taking a 360° view of each student's life, circumstances, and interests. Fellows then share this knowledge to coordinate opportunities, programs and enrichment activities between the student, his teachers, the school community, and outside resources.

Fellows teach, but not in the traditional sense; rather than controlling a classroom and multiple classes of students, Urban Prep Fellows focus on the progress and achievement of just twenty-five students.

These groups of twenty-five students are named "Prides" after Urban Prep's mascot, the Lion. The Fellows' primary goal is to build bonds with their Pride members that create opportunities for intellectual, social, and personal growth. We believe that these relationships are essential in meeting each student's individual needs for academic and social-emotional development.

The program’s innovative instructional approach has Fellows leading six ‘Tutorials’ – small 45-minute lessons with approximately four students – each day. This unique approach helps to radically improve the amount of personal attention that students receive, which in turn rapidly increases student engagement and success in school.

Pride Tutorials deliver a unique humanities-based life skills curriculum designed around Urban Prep’s Eight Core Values. The course explores themes relevant to young urban men, such as violence, poverty, and manhood, as well as social, organizational, and study skills. Fellows collaborate with one-another and veteran Urban Prep teachers to build lesson plans which tie social issues with the development of foundational academic skills in reading, writing, and public speaking.

Fellows build deep relationships with students by supplementing their tutorials with after school tutoring, chatting in the hallways and lunchroom, and individual conferences about everything from music and movies to behavior and grades. Fellows also work to weave a network of support for the student through conversations with parents, coaches, other mentors, and teachers who can utilize their own relationships with students to promote their maturation and academic performance.



In return for their work, Urban Prep Fellows are provided with:

·         Housing - Urban Prep provides accommodation in furnished apartments shared with other Fellows

·         Living stipend of $800 per month

·         Transportation - an unlimited public transportation card

·         HMO health and dental insurance coverage


The Urban Prep Fellows Program seeks to foster exceptionally talented leaders, skilled educators, and thoughtful citizens. Our program is ideal for a variety of individuals who wish to dedicate a year of service after college to one of our nation’s neediest populations, while gaining skills, knowledge, and connections that can help them throughout a lifetime of involvement in civic affairs. This service year provides a time for personal growth and job skill development that will enhance the fellow’s marketability across a wide spectrum of graduate school and career options.  

Exceptional fellows who express an interest in remaining at Urban Prep after their year of service may also be given the opportunity to apply for alternative positions through out the network, as they become available.

In the past, Urban Prep Fellows gone on to work and/or study in a wide variety of fields.  Below is a sampling of some of the excellent graduate programs and organizations that Urban Prep Fellows Program Alumni have moved on to after their year of service:

Professional Organizations

Urban Prep Academies

The Bronx Defenders

Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs

Cravath, Swain & Moore, LLP

The Fresh Air Fund

KIPP Public Charter Schools

The Response Center

Teach For America

Umoja Student Development Corporation

Graduate Programs

Boston University School of Law

Harvard Law School

University of Pennsylvania, Master’s Program in Social Work

University of Pennsylvania, Master’s Program in Education Policy

Princeton in Africa Fellowship Program

Sanford Law School

Tel Aviv University, Master’s Program in Migration Studies


To learn more, check out this article about the Fellows Program in the Wall Street Journal, download our brochure found below, connect on Facebook and Twitter, or contact our Program Manager, Dominique McKoy via email.